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Prof. KWAN  Shui Man Simon

Prof. KWAN Shui Man Simon


B.SocSc. (HKU);

Ph.D. (CUHK)

Email: | Tel: 3943-1369 | Office: KKB 226

Simon Shui-Man KWAN’s research area is Practical Theology. Since the 1970’s, Practical Theology has already been emancipated into a discipline of its own rights. It is no longer (mis-)understood as a discipline where theology is applied to practice. The main focus of it, instead, is the interaction between theology, different aspects of practical life, and Christian praxis. Specific research interests include: 1. Contextualization of Practical Theology (e.g., postcolonial rethinking of Asian theological movements, cross-cultural practical theology); and, 2. Church Ministry and Practical Theology (e.g., Christian counseling, theological education in modern context, and congregational studies).


Professor Kwan’s recent publications include Postcolonial Resistance and Asian Theology (London and New York: Routledge, 2014); Negotiating a Presence-Centred Christian Counselling: Towards a Theologically Informed and Culturally Sensitive Approach (New Castle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016); "Christian Public Witness in Asia Today: A Mission of the Church," in Resurging Asia, Renewing Mission: Christian Public Witness in Asia, ed. Jooseup Keum and Atola Longkumer (New Delhi: ISPCK, Accepted and forthcoming in 2018); "Negotiating the Meaning of Spirituality in Holistic Healthcare from a Chinese Perspective," Practical Theology 11, no. 1 (2018). He is also editor of the journal QUEST: Studies on Religion & Culture in Asia.


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