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Prof. KWAN  Shui Man Simon

Prof. KWAN Shui Man Simon


B.SocSc. (HKU);

Ph.D. (CUHK)

Kwan Shui Man’s research area is Practical Theology which, since the 1970’s, has already been emancipated into a discipline of its own rights. It is no longer understood as a discipline where theology is applied to practice. The main focus of it, instead, is the interaction, actual and possible, between theology and different aspects of practical life. Methodologically, it relies on a mutually critical correlation between theologies and social sciences. The sub-areas of his research interest are Cultural/Socio-Political Dimension of Practical Theology (Postcolonial Rethinking of Asian Theological Movements and Ritual Approach to Charismatic Christianities); Church Ministry and Practical Theology (Counseling Practice in Christian Settings, Theological Education in Modern Context and Congregational Studies).


His recent publications include Postcolonial Resistance and Asian Theology (Oxford: Routledge, forthcoming); Interrogating “Hope”: The Pastoral Theology of Hope and Positive Psychology (Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars, forthcoming); “Interrogating ‘Hope’: Pastoral Theology of Hope and Positive Psychology,” International Journal of Practical Theology 14 (2010): 46-66; “Hope for the Dead: Protestant Death Rituals and the Psychology of the Continuing Bond,” International Journal of the Humanities 8, no. 8 (2010): 1-13; “Theological Indigenization as Anti-Colonialist Resistance: A Chinese conception of the Christian God as a Case Study,” Studies in World Christianity 15, no. 1 (2009): 22-50.


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