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Prof. YING Fuk Tsang

Prof. YING Fuk Tsang

Director / Professor

B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (CUHK)

Email: | Tel: 3943-6747 | Office: YCT LG105

Ying Fuk Tsang received his B.A. (History, 1987), M.Phil. (Chinese Church History, 1989) and Ph.D. (Chinese Church History, 1995) from CUHK. Before joining the Divinity School of Chung Chi College (Pommerenke Lectureship in Christianity and Chinese Culture) in 2004, he taught at Hong Kong Alliance Bible Seminary (1993-2004). Now he is the Director of the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture and Chairman of the Society for the Study of the History of Christianity in China. He is also the Associate Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society, Chung Chi College and Centre for Christian Studies, CUHK. He was a recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award (2010-11). 


His research focuses on church-state relations in China, the history of Protestant Christianity in China and Hong Kong, and contemporary Chinese Protestantism. His major publications on state-church relation include “Changed and Unchanged: State-Church Relations in Reform China” (2009, in Chinese); “Mutual Adaptation to Socialism: Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Church-state Relations” (2008); “New Wine in Old Wineskins: An Appraisal of Religious Legislation in China and the Regulations on Religious Affairs of 2005” (2006). His recent publications on Chinese Christianity include Christianity’s Failure in China? Essays on the History of Chinese Communist Movement and Christianity (revised edition, 2012); The Last Confession of Wang Mingdao (2012, in Chinese) and “The Regional Development of Protestant Christianity in China: 1918, 1949 and 2004” (2009). He also published Between This and the Other World: History of HK Christian Cemeteries (2012, in Chinese) and In Kowloon City as It is in Heaven: History of HK SKH Holy Trinity Church, 1890-2009 (co-author, 2010, in Chinese).


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