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宗教研究文学硕士课程 - 课程


The programme provides academic training for students without a BA in Religious Studies, the Programme targets two major groups of students. The first group, e.g. secondary school teachers of Religious Education and Ethics, aims to acquire some general understanding of different religions. Another group is research-orientated and may apply for MPhil / PhD programmes in Religious Studies upon graduation.


The Programme features an interdisciplinary approach to examine the intricate interactions between religion and culture, religion and ethics, religion and education, religion and literature and so forth, with a view to broadening students’ horizons, heightening their awareness of the relationships between religion and other social phenomena and academic disciplines, and deepening their understanding of the role of religion in the socio-political reality of international relations and affairs. With the smooth and successful running of the Programme over the past 16 years, we have trained more than 500 graduates.


In response to enthusiastic social demand, a specialized area of study “Religion, Life and Wisdom” has been incorporated into our curriculum in 2012 in a bid to draw from the well of profound wisdom of the world religions to stimulate students’ reflection of the practical issues of life and death, health and cultivation, as well as mindfulness and spirituality. Well-received by our students, this training is instrumental for their personal growth, both intellectually and spiritually, which has a positive influence on their career development, thus contributing to the overall social construction of Hong Kong.


The Programme adopts a proactive approach to enhancing students’ academic performance. A Seminar on Writing Academic Papers is organized in the first semester every year to help students grasp the essentials and methodologies of writing an up-to-standard academic paper in Religious Studies. The Programme also offers the Best Essay Award to encourage students to write high-quality academic papers and recognize their achievement. The introduction of the course “Research Paper in Religious Studies” in 2010-2011 enables our students to acquire some essential skills and methodologies of doing critical research and writing a dissertation, which makes them better-equipped for an application for a research degree.