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Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
Course List

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies - Course List

Course List

Course Code Course Title Unit

Area 1: Approaches to Religious Studies

CURE1111 The Study of Religion 3
CURE2112 Myth, Symbol and Ritual 3
CURE2113 Philosophy of Religion 3
CURE2114 Sociology of Religion 3
CURE2115 Psychology of Religion 3
CURE2131 Religion and Literature 3
CURE3374 Religion and Gender Studies 3
CURE3375 Science and Religion 3

       Area 2: Religious Traditions and their Development

CURE1122 Chinese Culture and Its Religion 3
CURE1123 World Religions 3
CURE1124 Introduction to Christianity 3
CURE2125 Hong Kong Taoism 3
CURE2161 Introduction to Buddhism 3
CURE2225 Introduction to Indian Religions 3
CURE2226 Introduction to Islam 3
CURE2227 Introduction to Taoism 3
CURE2375 Chinese Temples and Festivals 3
CURE3122 Chinese Buddhism 3
CURE3126 Popular Religions in China 3
CURE3373 Religion and Culture in Mesopotamia 3
CURE4121 Chan School of Buddhism 3

       Area 3: Religious Classics and Literature

CURE2130 Chinese Buddhist Classics 3
CURE2139 Introduction to Taoist Literature 3
CURE2170 Reading Religious Classics 3
CURE3114 Islamic Scriptures: The Qur'an and Traditions of Muhammad 3
CURE3132 Religious Texts in Translation 3
CURE3134 Chinese Literature and the Bible 3
CURE3136 Chinese Novels and Religion 3
CURE4134 Selected Taoist Classics 3

       Area 4: Religion, Culture and Society

CURE2142 Religion and Ethics 3
CURE2144 Life and Death in Religions 3
CURE2145 New Religious Movements 3
CURE2228 History of the Arab World 3
CURE2377 Religions, Violence and Peace 3
CURE3116 Religion and Globalization 3
CURE3129 Islam: Religious Tradition and Modern Politics 3
CURE3142 The Religious Policy and Practices in China Today 3
CURE3144 Religious and Spiritual Education 3
CURE3370 Religion and Pluralistic Culture 3
CURE3376 Religious Fundamentalism and Asian Cultures 3
CURE3377 Fieldwork in Indian Religions and Culture 3
CURE3378 Fieldwork in Islamic Culture and Religion 3

       Area 5: Languages, Seminars & Special Topics

CURE2154 Medieval Latin 3
CURE2155 Beginning Sanskrit 3
CURE2157 Intermediate Seminar 3
CURE2180 Arabic for Beginners I 3
CURE2181 Arabic for Beginners II 3
CURE4153 Senior Seminar 3
CURE4157 Religious Studies: Special Topics I 3
CURE4158 Religious Studies: Special Topics II 3
CURE4159 Summer Internship 3
THEO3215 New Testament Greek I 3
THEO3216 New Testament Greek II 3
THEO3127 Hebrew I 3
THEO3128 Hebrew II 3

        Area 6 :Religion and Everyday Life

CURE1110 Religion and Contemporary Life 3
CURE3115 Religious Education and Developmental Psychology 3
CURE3145 Buddhism and Contemporary Life 3
CURE3161 Religion and Film 3
CURE3166 Religion, Health and Healing 3
CURE4161 Religion and Economic Life 3
CURE4164 Religion and Politics 3


For Cultural Studies courses, please refer to the course list of Cultural Studies Programme.