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Prof. LAI  Pan Chiu

Prof. LAI Pan Chiu


BA, MDiv (CUHK) ; PhD (Lond.)

Email: | Tel: 3943-6465 | Office: KKB 317

Research Interests

  • Modern Christian Thought;
  • Chinese Christian Theology;
  • Buddhist-Christian Encounter and Dialogue;
  • Christianity and Chinese Culture (especially Confucianism);
  • Philosophy of Religion (especially religious pluralism);
  • Religion and Ecology;
  • Inter-religious and Multi-diciplinary Studies of Altruism;
  • Religion-Science Relations.


Current Research Projects

  1. Principal Investigaotor, “Religious Ethics in Asian Context”, Centre for the Study of Religious Ethics and Chinese Culture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2019-2021)
  2. Co-Investigator, “St Andrews Encyclopaedia of Theology” (Contributtion: Budhdism and Chiistianity), University of St Andrews University, Scotland; funded by John Templeton Foundation (2020-2021).


Representative Publications

  1. Lai Pan-chiu. Towards a Trinitarian Theology of Religions: A Study of Paul Tillich's Thought. Kampen, the Netherlands: Kok Pharos Publishing House, 1994.  9 reviews received. Chinese translation 2000, with 3 reviews.   
  2. Lai, Pan-chiu. “Paul Tillich and Ecological Theology.” The Journal of Religion (Chicago: University of Chicago Press) 79.2 (April 1999), pp.233-249.
  3. 賴品超編著。《近代中國佛教與基督宗教的相遇》The Encounter between Buddhism and Christianity in Modern China。香港:道風書社,2003。3 reviews received. Revised and expanded edition 2008. 
  4. 賴品超、林宏星合著。《儒耶對話與生態關懷》Christian-Confucian Dialogue and Ecological Concern。北京:宗教文化出版社,2006。2 reviews received.
  5. Lai, Pan-chiu. “Sino-Theology, Bible and the Christian Tradition.” Studies in World Christianity (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press) 12.3 (2006), pp.266-281. Modified French version: “Sino-théologie, Bible et tradition chrétienne,” Transversalités: Revue de l’Institut Catholique de Paris 103 (Juillet-Septembre 2007), 129-151. Reprinted in: Pan-chiu Lai & Jason Lam (ed.), Sino-Christian Theology: A Theological Qua Cultural Movement in Contemporary China (Frankfurt-am-Main: Peter Lang, 2010), pp. 161-177. Substantially revised and updated version: Pan-chiu Lai, “Sino-Christian Theology and Bible in China,” Oxford Handbook of Bible in China, edited by K. K. Yeo (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2021).
  6. 賴品超。《大乘基督教神學:漢語神學的思想實驗》Mahayana Christian Theology: Thought-Experiments of Sino-Christian Theology。香港:道風書社,2011。5 reviews received.
  7. 賴品超。《廣場上的漢語神學》Sino-Christian Theology in the Public Square。香港:道風書社,2014。2 reviews received.
  8. Lai, Pan-chiu. “Karl Barth and Universal Salvation: A Mahayana Buddhist Perspective.” In: Karl Barth and Comparative Theology, edited by Christian T. Collins Winn and Martha Moore-Keish (New York: Fordham University Press, 2019), pp. 85-104.
  9. Lai Pan-chiu. “Subordination, Separation, and Autonomy: Chinese Protestant Approaches to Religion-State Relation.” Journal of Law and Religion (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) 35.1 (April 2020), 149-164.
  10. 賴品超。《宗教都是殊途同歸?宗教研究與漢語神學的視角》Divergent Religious Paths to Convergent End? Perspectives of Religious Studies and Sino-Christian Theology。香港:道風書社,2020.11。


Other Projects, Achievements, and/or Awards


Other Projects

  1. Contemporary Chinese Christian Discourses on Religious Diversity, Research Grants Council General Research Fund 2014/15.
  2. Christian Theological Responses to Mahayana Buddhism, Research Grants Council General Research Fund, 2009-2010.
  3. Cultural Christians in Cultural and Theological Perspectives, Research Grants Council General Research Fund, 2007-2008.
  4. Heavenly Kingdom and Pure Land: Transformation of their Interpretations in Modern Chinese Buddhism and Christianity, Co-investigator: Prof. Xue Yu, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant 2005-6.
  5. Chinese-Christian Identity in Migration: Protestant Theology in Hong Kong 1950s-70s, Competitive Earmarked Research Grant 2004-5.


Achievements / Awards

  1. Speaker of the Fourth Heidelberger Ecumenical Forum, 3 lectures on “Christianity and Chinese Culture”, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 31 May - 1 June 2002.
  2. Speaker of the Edward Cadbury Lectures 2006, 8 lectures on “Experiments in Mahayana Christian Theology”, University of Birmingham, 20-30 March 2006.
  3. My book Mahayana Christian Theology: Thought-Experiments of Sino-Christian Theology (2011) received the 33rd Christopher Tang Literature Award (Theology Stream) in 2012, and the Best Author Award (Academic Section), 6th Golden Book Award (bi-annual award for publications in 2011 & 2012), Association of Christian Publishers, Hong Kong, in 2013.




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