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Prof. YING Fuk Tsang

Prof. YING Fuk Tsang


B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (CUHK)

About Prof. YING Fuk Tsang

Ying Fuk Tsang received his B.A. (History, 1987), M.Phil. (Chinese Church History, 1989) and Ph.D. (Chinese Church History, 1995) from CUHK. Before joining the Divinity School of Chung Chi College (Pommerenke Lectureship in Christianity and Chinese Culture) in 2004, he taught at Hong Kong Alliance Bible Seminary (1993-2004). Now he is the Director of the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture and Director of Centre for Christian Studies, CUHK. He was a recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award (2010-11). 


His research focuses on church-state relations in China, the history of Protestant Christianity in China and Hong Kong, and contemporary Chinese Protestantism. His major publications on state-church relation include “The Politics of Cross Demolition: A Religio-Political Analysis of the ‘Three Rectifications and One Demolition’ Campaign in Zhejiang Province” (2018);  “The CPC Policy on Protestant Christianity, 1949-1957: An Overview and Assessment” (2014), “Mutual Adaptation to Socialism: Three-Self Patriotic Movement and Church-state Relations” (2008)“New Wine in Old Wineskins: An Appraisal of Religious Legislation in China and the Regulations on Religious Affairs of 2005” (2006)His major publications on Chinese Christianity include Christianity’s Failure in China? Essays on the History of Chinese Communist Movement and Christianity (revised edition, 2012); The Last Confession of Wang Mingdao (2012, in Chinese) and “The Regional Development of Protestant Christianity in China: 1918, 1949 and 2004” (2009)He also published Wandering in Hong Kong: Church and Society from Post-War to Post-1997 (2018, in Chinese) and Between This and the Other World: History of HK Christian Cemeteries (2012, in Chinese) .



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    • Party-State, Society & Protestant Christianity in Contemporary China
    • History of Christianity in China
    • Chinese Theology
    • History of Hong Kong Christianity
    1. A Study of Hong Kong Christian Schools in the 1967 Riots, (Direct Grant).
    2. The Survival and Revival of Protestant Christianity in Communist China: An Oral History Project, (Purdue University).
    3. Fallen Crosses in ‘China’s Jerusalem’: Towards a Critical Analysis of State-Church Relations in Contemporary China, (GRF).
    4. In Search of Popular Christianity: A Study of Audience Responses from Mainland China to Christian Gospel Broadcasts (1959-2004), (GRF).
    5. Religious Organization’s Self-Governance, Openness and Civility: Case Study of Christian Church in Beijing, (CSSP, Purdue University).
    6. Struggle between "Love of Country" (aiguo) and "Love of Church" (aijiao): An Investigation into the Conflict between Wu Yaozong and Wang Mingdao in Revolutionary China (1949-1966), (GRF).
  • Edited Books

    1. 《吳耀宗全集》。卷一、卷二上下、卷三上下、卷四上下(全四卷)。香港:香港中文大學出版社,2015、2016、2018、2021。
    2. 《社會福音.沒有人看見過上帝》。吳耀宗著,邢福增編注。「漢語基督教經典文庫集成」。新北:橄欖華宣,2016。
    3. 《當前中國社會政治處境下的宗教研究》。香港:崇基學院宗教與中國社會研究中心,2014。邢福增主編。
    4. 《黑暗與光明》。吳耀宗著,邢福增編注。「漢語基督教經典文庫集成」。新北:橄欖華宣,2012。
    5. 《潮汕社會與基督教史論》。汕頭:汕頭大學出版社,2012。(與李凌瀚合編)。



    1. 《我城哀歌.時代福音》。香港:德慧文化,2019。
    2. 《新時代中國宗教秩序與基督教》。香港:德慧文化,2019。
    3. 《荊冕榮光:香港聖公會荊冕堂五十周年堂史(1965-2015)》。與鍾卓芝合著。香港:基督教中國宗教文化研究社,2018。
    4. 《變局下的徘徊:從戰後到後九七香港教會社關史論》。香港:印象文字,2018。
    5. 《被擄的記憶:選民+遺民》。香港:研道社,2017。


    Articles/ Book Chapters

    1. “The Christian Discourses of “chao zhengzhi” (Supra-politics) in the Early PRC: A Religio-Political Reappraisal.” Religions. 13:7 (July 2022). Special issue on “History of Christianity: The Relationship between Church and State.” 642.
    2. “Christian Schools, Left-wing Literature and the 1967 Riots in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Youths’ Garden.” Ching Feng New Series 20 (pre-printed version, May 2022): 1-20.
    3. “Contesting for Religious Freedom in Chinese Societies: The Case of Hong Kong Christian Social Activism from 2014 to 2018.” In Christian Social Activism and the Rule of Law in China. edited by Fenggang Yang and Chris White. Bethlehem, Penn.: Lehigh University Press, 2021, 101-124.
    4. “The Entanglement between Religion and Politics: Hong Kong Christianity in the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement.” in Review of Religion and Chinese Society (Boston: Brill) Online Publication (2020): 1-32.
    5. 〈啟蒙與救亡:五四運動對中國基督教的洗禮〉。呂妙芬、康豹主編。《五四運動與中國宗教的調適與發展》。台北:中研研究院近代史研究所,2020,頁339至380。
    6. 〈未聽到的中國聲音:文革時期福音廣播聽眾來信所見的「第二社會」〉。與國斐合著。《中央研究院近代史研究所集刊》,第107期(2020年3月),頁1至35。
    7. “Hong Kong.” in Christianity in East and Southeast Asia. edited by Kenneth R. Ross, Francis Alvarez and Todd M. Johnson. Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020, 74-86.
    8. 〈現代化的中國要不要宗教?〉。張彥著。廖彥博、廖珮杏譯。《中國的靈魂:後毛澤東時代的宗教復興》。新北市:八旗文化,2019,頁11至16。
    9. 〈共圓中國夢──當代中國基督教神學「政主教從」的困局〉。《華神期刊》,第9期(2018年12月),頁11至39。
    10. “Hong Kong Religious Sectors Under the Shadow of China’s Shape Power.” China’s Sharp Power in Hong Kong. ed. by Benny Yiu-ting Tai. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Civil Hub, 2018, 80-89.
    11. “The Politics of Cross Demolition: A Religio-Political Analysis of the ‘Three Rectifications and One Demolition’ Campaign in Zhejiang Province.” in Review of Religion and Chinese Society (Boston: Brill) 5:1 (2018): 43-75.



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