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Ph.D. (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Email: | Tel: 3943-1417 | Office: KKB 319

Peichi Chung received her Ph.D. from the Department of Telecommunication, Indiana University-Bloomington. Her teaching and research interests include new media and digital culture. In her teaching, she focuses on new development in media cultural studies. She examines issues related to new media production and cultural policy in sub-regional locations within Asia. Her research focuses on media industry analysis at both corporation and government levels. Since 2006, she intensively studied innovation dynamics in online game industries. She has conducted cross-country research in Asia, analyzing new media industries in Korea, China, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. She is currently completing her longitudinal ethnographic work on Asian game industries in East and Southeast Asia.



Selected major publications (Since 2013)

  1. Chung, P. (2016). "Soft Power and Cultural Industries: Cultural Policy and Inter-Asian Regional Flows in Hong Kong and Singapore". (Eds). Naren Chitty, Li Ji, Gary Rawnsley & Craig Hayden. Pp. 144-159. The Routledge Handbook on Soft Power. Routledge: London.
  2. Chung. P & Yi, L. (2016). "The Regionalization of Co-Production in the Film Industries of Hong Kong and China." In Michael Keane (Ed). Handbook of China's Cultural and Creative Industries. Pp. 207-225. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Egar Publishing
  3. Chung, P. (2015). "The Globalization of Game Art in Southeast Asia." In Larissa Hjorth & Olivia Khoo (Eds). Handbook of New Media in Asia. Pp. 402-415. Routledge: New York.


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  1. Chung, P. & Fung, A. (2013). The Internet Development and the Commercialization of Online Gaming Industry in China. In Huntemann, N. & Aslinger, B. (Eds). Gaming Globally: Production, Play & Place. Pp. 233-250. New York: Palsgrave McMillan.



Selected conference presentations (Work-in-progress Since 2013)


  1. Chung, P. (2016). “The Politics and Economics of Independent Game Distribution in China.” International Association for Media and Communication Research, Leicester, United Kingdom.
  2. Chung, P. (2016). “The Global Application Economy: A Comparison of Platform Policies and Governance in Chinese and Western App Stores.” Chinese Digital Game Research Association. Providence University, Taiwan. (Co-authored with David Nieborg).
  3. Chung, P. (2016). “Transnationality of Hong Kong Cinema in Inter-Asian Coproduction.” International Communication Association Pre-Conference. The Tokyo University of the Art, Tokyo, Japan.
  4. Chung, P. (2015). “Theorising New Media and Cultural Regionalisation in Asia.” The Annual Meeting of International Association for Media and Communication Research. Montreal, Canada.
  5. Chung, P. (2013). “Asian Popular Culture in Southeast Asia.” Paper Presented at the Annual Conference of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Conference, National University of Singapore, Singapore.


  1. Chung, P. (2013). “The Political Economy of Outsourcing: Media Regionalization and Game Industry Development in Southeast Asia.” Paper Presented at the Annual Meeting of International Association for Media and Communication Research, Dublin, Ireland.


Creative works


  1. Chung, P. (2016). “Sky Martial VR: The Philosophies of the Infinite Worlds of Wuxia Martial Arts (Chinese Title:天上武侠 - 地上武林)”. Trailer Available at: <>. (In collaboration with Gina Wong, Kenning Zhu, Mike Chee, Kaki Li & Jing Chiang)
  2. Chung, P. (2015). “Writing Our Global Umbrella Stories”. <>


Industry reports


  1. Chung, P. (2016). “Asian Game Industries”. In The 2016 Creative Economy Report. Published by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD 14)
  2. Chung, P. (2014). Research Report on Southeast Asian Game Industries (4001-SPPR-09). Commissioned by The Research Grant Council, Hong Kong Special Administration Region. Article Available at <>


Keynote & plenary addresses (Since 2013)


  1. Chung, P. (2016). Plenary Panel. "The Role of Broadcasting in Asia Development: The Past, Present and Future of Broadcasting Industry in ASEAN." Korea-ASEAN Cultural Exchange Forum. Seoul, Korea. <>
  2. Chung, P. (2016). Plenary Panel. "Regionalisation as Praxis: Multiculturalism and Diversity in Asia's Cultural Integration". International Symposium. Cultural and Communication in Anatolia: Past, present and Future. Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey. <
  3. Chung, P. (2015). Keynote Speaker. "Mapping Game Studies in Asia: Trajectory toward the Sustainable Chinese Game Industry." Chinese Digital Game Research Association, Tsinhua University, Beijing, China. <>



More works of Peichi Chung is available at


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