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文化管理文学硕士课程 - 学生简介



studentCultural management includes a broad range of services and it requires diversified knowledge and skill. The Programme recruits students not only from the fields of arts and culture, but also from other professional fields.


Some of our students are mid-career professionals, including managers of arts groups, government officials and staff of public arts institutions, who have been practicing in the cultural management fields. There are also students from such disciplines as anthropology, sociology, marketing, education and business management. The mixture of different students from various backgrounds generates a lively dynamic to the Programme.


Since 2008 the Programme began to take in students from the Mainland, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Japan, as well as students from U.S.A. as well as European countries. It gives the Programme a rich and stimulating cultural diversity.



An alumni association of the Programme was formed in early 2010. It provides a strong supporting network for professional collaboration and continuous learning for graduates of the Programme.