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视觉文化研究文学硕士课程 - 简介


MA in Visual Culture Studies

Orientation Day




With increased emphasis on nurturing critical thinking and creativity through life-long learning in primary and secondary school education, visual culture studies has become an essential part of educational reform in broadening students’ understanding of their everyday cultural experience. This new MA in Visual Culture Studies is aimed at equipping students with the scholarly contexts and technical/creative tools for a more sophisticated understanding of technological changes in contemporary society. It will train students to be acquainted with digital media and more fully understand the impact of digital technologies on art and culture. Visual culture studies is understood as perspectives on digital media as they affect everyday experiences with visuality, audio-visual signals, virtual environments and media immersion, and digital media networks. It gives an introduction to technical and creative aspects to understanding these experiences, while focusing on how they are influenced by visual art, performing arts, and new media arts.


The program distinguishes itself by introducing creative audio-visual practices as ways to analyze scholarly perspectives, thus emphasizing a synergy between traditional academic thought and creative art and media practices.


Showcase of our students' creative works.