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教職員 - 教職員

譚 佳教授

譚 佳教授


Ph.D. in Critical Studies (Cinema-Television)

With Visual Studies Graduate Certificate

University of Southern California

M.A. in Critical Studies (Cinema-Television)

University of Southern California

B.A. in Journalism, Tsinghua University

Email: | Tel: 3943-6525 | Office: KKB 305

Jia TAN is Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She receives her doctoral degree in critical studies of cinema and television from the University of Southern California. Her research interests include film and media studies, television studies, documentary, gender and sexuality, digital activism, human rights, and fantasy media. 


Selected Publications

  • Tan, Jia. 2019. “Networking Asia Pacific: Queer Film Festivals and the Spatiotemporal Politics of Inter-referencing.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 20 (2): 204-219.
  • Tan, Jia. 2018. “Transpacific Inter-Referencing.” BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly,198 (Summer): 20–22.
  • Tan, Jia. 2017. “Digital Masquerading: Feminist Media Activism in China.” Crime, Media, Culture, 13(2), 171–186.
  • Tan, Jia. 2017. “Beijing Meets Hawaii: Reflections on kuer, indigeneity, and queer theory.” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 23 (1): 137-150.
  • Tan, Jia. 2016. “Aesthetics of Queer Becoming: Comrade Yue and Chinese Community-based Documentaries Online.” Critical Studies in Media Communication, 33 (1): 38-52.
  • Tan, Jia. 2015. “Toward a Spatiotemporal Consciousness in Media Studies: Locational Aesthetics and Digital Filmmaking in China’s Special Zones.” Journal of Chinese Cinemas 9 (3): 187-203.
  • Tan, Jia. 2015. “Neoliberalized Romantic Encounter: If You Are the One and the Gender Politics of Chinese Reality TV.” Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies 20 (Spring): 79 – 102. (in Chinese)
  • Tan, Jia. 2014. “Provincializing the Chinese Mediascape: Cantonese Digital Activism in Southern China." In China’s iGeneration: Cinema and Moving Image Culture for the Twenty-First Century, edited by Matthew D. Johnson, Keith B. Wagner, Kiki Tianqi Yu, and Luke Vulpiani, 197-211. New York: Bloomsbury.


Research Grants

2019-2020       Principal Investigator, RGC GRF “Mediating quan: Human Rights and Feminist and Queer Media Culture in China” (Project no.: 14612818), HKD381, 000, (01/01/ 2019 – 31/12/2020).


2017-2018       Principal Investigator, “Visualizing Gender/Sexuality: Feminist and Queer Film Festivals in China,” Direct Grant for Research, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKD 70,000.



2015-2017       Principal Investigator, RGC ECS “Digitized Engagements: Feminist and   Queer Media Activism in China” (Project no.: 22607115), HKD324, 080, (01/09/ 2015 – 30/11/2017).


Selected Creative, Curatorial and Consultant Works

  • Consultant, “Papa Rainbow” (Documentary, 90 min, 2016). A documentary about the parents of LGBTs in China.


  • Consultant, “The VaChina Monologues” (Documentary, 33 min, 2014). A documentary about the localization of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues in China.


  • Consultant, “Decoding American Documentary Films.” 9 episode TV documentary series, China Education Television, 2012.


  • Producer, director, cinematographer and editor, “Erica” (shot on 16mm film, 6 min, 2009). Selection, Davis Feminist Film Festival, 04/2010; Best Gay/Lesbian film nominee, Great Lakes International Film Festival, 09/2010.


  • Curator, “Chinese Female Filmmakers Screening Series: Highlighting USC China Film Collection” screening program, Cinematheque 108, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California, 11/2009.