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Course Outlines

课程与科目 - Course Outlines

Course Outline

Course Code Course Title Lecturer Prog
2019-20 1st Term
CURE1001 Introduction to Cultural Studies Prof. Pang Laikwan BA(CS)
CURE2014 Body Politics and Representations Prof. Pang Laikwanw
CURE2024 Taiwan New Cinema and Beyond: Authorship, Transnationality, Historiography Prof. Lim Song Hwee
CURE2036 Queer Theory and Culture Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CURE2039 Trans-Asian Bodies and Visual Fantasy Cultures Prof. Katrien Jacobs
CURE4040 Post-Digital Animation: Theory and Production Mr. Ng Hong Sheng Royce
CURE1123 /
World Religions Prof. James Frankel BA(RS)
CURE2154 Medieval Latin  
Prof. Ha Keloon Louis
CURE2157 Intermediate Seminar Miss Kung Wai Han Chris
CURE3136 Chinese Novels and Religion Prof. Lai Tsz Pang John
CURE3375 / UGED3430 Science and Religion Dr. So Yuen Tai
UGEA2451 Chinese Novels and Religious Culture Prof. Lai Tsz Pang John
BUDS5008 Buddhism and Contemporary Society Prof. Douglas Gildow MA(BS)
BUDS5009 Special Topics in Buddhism and Society
“Chinese Buddhist History and Practices, 1500-1950”
Prof. Douglas Gildow
BUDS5010 Basic Pali Dr. Shi Xianda
BUDS5013 Theory and Method in Buddhist Studies Prof. Chen Chien Huang
CHES6002 Critical Cultural History of China: Modern China Prof. John Lagerwey
CULS5204 Cultural Studies in Film and Video Prof. Tan Jia MA(ICS)
CULS5219 Chinese Society, Culture and Politics Dr. Li Siyi
CULS5303 Cultural Development and Policy Miss Isabella Yun MA(CUM)
CULS5308 Performing Arts Administration Prof. Benny Lim
CULS5320A Special Topics in Cultural Management
"Culture, Creativity and Management"
Prof. Benny Lim
CULS5412A Visual Research Methods Dr. Kwok Yin Ning Elaine MA(VCS)
2019-20 2nd Term
BUDS5001 Pure Land Buddhism Prof. Chen Chien Huang MA(BS)
BUDS5002 Chan Buddhism Prof. Douglas Gildow
BUDS5004 Special Topics in Chinese Buddhist Studies
“Dunhuang Iconography ”
Dr. Lok Wai Ying Irene
BUDS5009 Special Topics in Buddhism and Society
“Humanistic Buddhism, Life & Death”
Prof. Chen Kai Yu
(Prof. Ven. Huei Kai)
BUDS5012 Graduation Paper Prof. Tam Wai Lun