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Programmes & Courses
Course Outlines

Programmes & Courses - Course Outlines

Course Outline

Course Code Course Title Lecturer Prog
2021-22 2nd Term
CURE1000 Culture, Humanities and Contemporary Society Prof. Chung Peichi BA(CS)
CURE1009 Research Methods in Cultural Studies Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CURE1010 Text and Image: A Critical Analysis Prof. Chan Sui Hung Natalia
CURE2024 Taiwan New Cinema and Beyond Prof. Lim Song Hwee
CURE2037 Cultural Policy Prof. Chung Peichi
CURE3002 Film and Literature: Inter-media Studies Mr. Lee Chi Leung
CURE3006 Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Culture and Society in the Digital Age Dr. Lim Kok Wai Benny
CURE3007 Gender and Sexuality in Cultural Studies Prof. Tan Jia
CURE4014 Graduation Thesis Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CURE4022 Critical Approaches to Pornography Prof. Katrien  Jacobs
CURE4032 Digital Imaging, Book Production and Contemporary Arts Mr. Royce Ng
CURE1110 Religion and Contemporary Life

Dr. Chow Wai Yin

Prof. Yeung Kwok Keung

CURE1111 The Study of Religion Dr. Chow  Wai Yin


Myth, Symbol and Ritual Dr. Ruslan Yusupov


Hong Kong Taoism Prof. Lai Chi Tim
CURE2157 Intermediate Seminar Dr. Ruslan Yusupov
CURE3114 Islamic Scriptures: Qur’an and the Traditions of Muhammad Prof. James Frankel
Buddhism and Contemporary Life Dr. Sik Fa Ren
Science and Religion Prof. Lai Pan Chiu
BUDS5001 Pure Land Buddhism Prof. Chen Chien Huang MA(BS)
BUDS5009 Special Topics in Buddhism and Society Prof. Vijay Kumar Singh
BUDS5011 Basic Sanskrit Prof. Vijay Kumar Singh
BUDS5012 Graduation Paper Prof. Tam Wai Lun
BUDS5014 Buddhist Studies in the West Prof. Douglas Gildow
CULS5204 Cultural Studies in Film and Video Prof. Tan Jia MA(ICS)
CULS5216 Queer Movements and Sexual Politics Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CULS5222 Culture and Politics of the Anthropocene Prof. Wu Ka Ming
CULS5224 Discourse on Hong Kong, Hong Kong Discourse Mr. Lawrence Pun
CULS5225 Chinese Independent Film Studies Dr. Li Tiecheng
CULS5226 Transnational Asian Cultural Studies Prof. Elmo Gonzaga
CULS5301B Concepts of Contemporary Culture Prof. Lee Yongwoo  
CULS5309 Museum and Archives Studies Dr. Vivian Ting MA(CUM)
CULS5313B Cultural Development and Policy Dr. Isabella Yun
CULS5316 Graduate Research Paper/Project Dr. Lim Kok Wai Benny
CULS5318 Curating Prof. Lee Yongwoo
CULS5322 Practicums Dr. Lim Kok Wai Benny
CULS5329 Film and Video Production & Presentation Dr. Li Tiecheng
CULS5401 Contemporary Arts & Cultural Interactivity Prof. Katrien Jacobs
RELS5300 The Study of Islam Prof. James Frankel MA(RS)
RELS5322 Research Paper in Religious Studies Dr. Chow Wai Yin
RELS5326 Chinese Religion and Literature Prof. Lai Tsz Pang John
RELS5327 Wisdom in Religious Classics Dr. Chow Wai Yin
Dr. Tong Sau Lin
RELS5329 Buddhism, Right Mindfulness and Meditation Dr. Tong Sau Lin
THEO5910 New Testament in Contexts Mr. Xie Ganlin David
2021-22 1st Term
CURE1000 Culture, Humanities and Contemporary Society Prof. Cheung Lik Kwan BA(CS)
CURE1001 Introduction to Cultural Studies Prof. Ip Iam Chong
CURE1006 Introduction to Film and Screen Studies Dr. Li Tiecheng
CURE2036 Queer Theory and Culture Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CURE2040 Television Studies Prof. Tan Jia
CURE2051 / UGED2326 Understanding Comic Arts Dr. Ko Chun-kit
CURE2018 / UGEC2243 Living in the Anthropocene: Nature, Culture and Power Prof. Wu Ka Ming
CURE3003 / UGEC3481 Animals, Culture and Modern Society Dr. Chan Yin Ha
CURE3006 Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Video Game and Play Culture Prof. Chung Peichi
CURE4027 Film Classics: Aesthetics and Politics Dr. Li Siyi
CURE4038 Summer Internship Dr. Lim Kok Wai Benny
CURE1110 Religion and Contemporary Life  Prof. Yeung Kwok Keung
Dr. Chow Wai Yin
CURE1122/ UGEA1450 Chinese Culture and Its Religion Dr. Tong Sau Lin



World Religions Prof. James Frankel
CURE2115 Psychology of Religion Dr. CHOW Wai Yin
CURE2131 Christianity and Western Literature Dr. Ambrose Mong
CURE2170 Reading Religious Classics Prof. Lai Tsz Pang John
CURE2228 History of the Arab World Mr. Yang Xing Wen
CURE4153 Senior Seminar

Dr. Tse Sze Hei

Prof. Tam Wai Lun

CURE4158 Religious Studies: Special Topics in Religion, Culture and Society –
Anthropology of Religious Movements
Dr. Ruslan Yusupov
CURE4159 Internship Dr. Chow Wai Yin
BUDS5005 The Thoughts and History of Humanistic Buddhism Prof. Chen Chien Huang MA(BS)
BUDS5006 Dunhuang Buddhist Iconography Dr. Lok Wai Ying Irene
BUDS5013 Theory and Method in Buddhist Studies Prof. Douglas Gildow
BUDS5015 Buddhism and Religious Culture in China Prof. Tam Wai Lun
CULS5201 Basic Issues in Intercultural Studies Prof. Tan Jia MA(ICS)
CULS5202 Asian Modernities & City Cultures Prof. Elmo Gonzaga
CULS5206 Gender, Love and Sexuality in Intercultural Studies Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CULS5207 Interdisciplinary Study of Technoscience Culture Dr. Pang Ka Wei Janet
CULS5301 Concepts of Contemporary Culture Dr. Ip Iam Chong
CULS5411 Documentary Media: From Pre-cinema to Multi-Media Web Communities Dr. LI Tiecheng
CULS5412 Visual Research Methods Prof. Katrien Jacobs
CULS5413 User-Generated Content and Digital Culture Prof. Chung Peichi
CULS5307A Visual Arts Administration Prof. Lee Yongwoo MA(CUM)
CULS5307B Visual Arts Administration Prof. Lee Yongwoo
CULS5308 Performing Arts Administration Dr. Lim Kok Wai Benny
CULS5313A Cultural Development and Policy Dr. Ashley Wong
CULS5315 Film/Video & Media Art Administration Prof. Rochelle Yang
CULS5320 Special Topics in Cultural Management:
Religion and Cultural Heritage – An Asian Context
Prof. Ser Shaw Hong
CULS5326 Cultural Venues Management Dr. Lim Kok Wai Benny
RELS5005 Theories of Religious Studies Prof. Lai Chi Tim MA(RS)
RELS5146 Religious Education and Personal Growth Dr. Chow Wai Yin
RELS5129 Taoism and Chinese Culture Prof. Yau Chi On