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Academic Research - Faculty Research

RGC Early Career Scheme

Radical Social Movements and Networked Ecumenism: An Analysis of Three Christian NGOs in Colonial Hong Kong, 1960s–1990s
Principal Investigator: Prof. WONG Wai Yin Christina
Year of Award: 2021-2022


The Political Unconscious of the Deuteronomistic (Hi)story
Principal Investigator: Prof. WONG Kwok Sonia
Year of Award: 2021-2022


Contextualizing De spiritu et littera: Analysis, Commentary and Latin-Chinese Bilingual Edition
Principal Investigator: Prof. YAM Cheuk Yin Colten
Year of Award: 2021-2022


Economic Ethics and Teaching of Paul in the Light of New Institutional Economics: A Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature, Material Cultures and Biblical Text Concerning Roman Household in Early Roman Empire
Principal Investigator: Prof. IP Hon Ho Alex
Year of Award: 2019-2020