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Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies
About Us

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies - About Us

About Us



MA in Intercultural Studies encourages students to adopt interdisciplinary perspectives to interpret contemporary cultural phenomena and representations.

The program aims to train students to develop sophisticated understanding of social change and power in everyday life through studying various cultural texts, popular cultural forms, new media and digital practices. It equips students with the analytical skills, critical awareness and sensitivity needed to meet the challenges of a world of increasing divides and conflicts.

Recent Events


Academic Writing Workshop

Academic Writing Workshop  workshop  View more 


Orientation Day

oday  oday  View more 


Student-staff Consultation Meeting (2017-05-19)

meeting1   meeting2  View more


Graduation Dinner (2017-05-05)

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Symposium on Movements of Desires (2017-04-08)

 Symposium1   Symposium2  View more  

More Events