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Programmes & Courses
Course Outlines

Programmes & Courses - Course Outlines

Course Outline

Course Code Course Title Lecturer Prog
2017-18 2nd Term
CURE1000 Culture, Humanity and Contemporary Society Prof. Peichi Chung BA(CS)
CURE1010 Text and Image: A Critical Analysis Prof. Natalia Chan
CURE2016 / UGEC2042 Modernity & Urban Culture Prof. Elmo Gonzaga
CURE2042 / UGEC229P Xiqu and Culture Dr. Chan Chak Lui Sam
CURE2051 / UGED2326 Understanding Comic Art Prof. Cheung Lik-kwan
CURE3027 Cultural and Creative Industries Miss Isabella Yun
CURE3003 / UGEC3481 Animals, Culture and Modern Society Dr. Chan Ka Ming
CURE4033 Documentary Studies: Theories and Practices Dr. Li Tiecheng
CURE1122 / UGEA1450 Chinese Culture and its Religion Dr. Tong Sau Lin BA(RS)
CURE1124 / UGED1520  Introduction to Christianity Dr. Au Yik Pui Tanya
CURE2142 Religion and Ethics Dr. Chow Wai Yin
CURE2157 Intermediate Seminar Dr. Chow Wai Yin
CURE2170 Reading Religious Classics Prof. Lai Tsz Pang John
CURE3166 Religion, Health and Healing Dr. Crystal Luk
CURE3370 Religion and Pluralistic Culture Dr. Ambrose Mong
CURE3373 Religion and Culture in Mesopotamia Dr. Wong Kwok Sonia
CURE4134 Selected Taoist Classics:
Reading on the Lüzhu Quanzhu 《呂祖全書》and Qing Daoism
Prof. Lai Chi Tim
CURE4135 The Story of the Stone and Chinese Religious Culture Prof. Lai Tsz Pang John
BUDS5003 Tiantai Buddhism Ven. Huei Kai MA(BS)
BUDS5007 Chinese Buddhist Art Prof. Kim Minku
BUDS5012 Final Paper Prof. Tam Wai Lun
CULS5202 Modern Urbanscape & Asian Culture Prof. Elmo Gonzaga MA(ICS)
CULS5204 Cultural Studies in Film and Video Prof. Tan Jia
CULS5213 Media and Popular Culture Prof. Natalia Chan
CULS5214 Politics of Cultural Identities Mr. Pun Kwok Ling Lawrence
CULS5215 MA Research Paper Dr. Chan Ka Ming
Dr. Chan Chak Lui Sam
CULS5216 Queer Movements and Sexual Politics Dr. Cho Man-kit
CULS5217 Digital Culture and Society Prof. Benny Lim
CULS5309 Museum and Archives Studies

Dr. Vivian Ting

CULS5315 Film/Video & Media Art Administration

Ms. Joel Kwong

CULS5318 Curatorship

Prof. Ho Hing Kay Oscar

CULS5319 Exhibition Design

Prof. Ho Hing Kay Oscar

CULS5320 Cultural and Creative Industries: Global Strategies and Local Practices

Miss. Isabella Yun

CULS5321 Curating and Managing Cultural Festivals

Prof. Benny Lim

CULS5324 Case Studies in Performing Arts Administration Mr. David Tsui
CULS5401 Contemporary Arts & Cultural Interactivity Dr. Kwok Yin Ning


CULS5405 Immersive Media Prof. Peichi Chung
CULS5409 Special Topics in Visual Culture Studies
The City as a Walking Classroom
Dr. Fong Ho Yin Ian
CULS5412A Visual Research Methods Dr. Li Tiecheng
RELS5005 Theories of Religious Studies Prof. Huang Weishan MA(RS)
RELS5118 Studies on Chinese Buddhism Prof. Xue Yu
RELS5316 Studies of Humanistic Buddhism Prof. Chien Huang Chen
RELS5328 Taoism, Health and Nourishing of Life Dr. Crystal Luk
2017-18 1st Term
CURE1001 Introduction to Cultural Studies Dr. Chan Ka Ming BA(CS)
CURE1003 Cultural Studies of Space Mr. Pun Kwok Ling Lawrence
CURE1009  Research Methods in Cultural Studies Prof. Katrien Jacobs
CURE2005 Culture and Travel Prof. Wu Ka Ming
CURE2007 /
Celebrity, Stars and Hong Kong Popular Culture Dr. Chan Ka Ming
CURE2015 Meaning in Motion: Dance, Theater and Culture Dr. Rochelle Yang
CURE2027 Photographic Culture and Visual Communication Dr. Rochelle Yang
CURE2031 Understanding Visual Culture Prof. Pang Laikwan 
CURE2037 Cultural Policy Prof. Peichi Chung


Special Topics in Cultural Studies
Television Studies
Prof. Tan Jia
CURE4031 Arts, Propaganda and Social Action Prof. Ho Hing Kay Oscar
CURE1110 Religion and Contemporary Life Prof. Yeung Kwok Keung BA(RS)
CURE1111 The Study of Religion Dr. Chow Wai Yin
CURE1123 World Religions Prof. James Frankel
CURE1126 Introduction to Islam Prof. James Frankel
CURE2125 Hong Kong Taoism Prof. Lai Chi Tim
Miss Crystal Luk
CURE2151 Arabic for Beginners I Imam Yang Xingwen
CURE3134 Chinese Literature and the Bible Mr. Dino Kwong
CURE3374 FReligion and Gender Studies Dr. Wong Wai Yin Christina
CURE3377 Fieldwork in Indian Religions and Culture Mr. Steven Matthews
CURE4157 Religious Studies: Special Topics I:
Fieldwork in Sri Lankan Religions andCulture
Prof. Xue Yu
BUDS5001 Pure Land Buddhism Prof. Chen Chien Huang MA(BS)
BUDS5002 Chan Buddhism Ven.Yong Ben
BUDS5004 Special Topics in Chinese Buddhist Studies
(Dunhuang Iconography -- The Art for Enlightenment)
Dr. Lok Wai Ying Irene
BUDS5009 Special Topics in Buddhism and Society Dr. Tong Sau Lin
CULS5201A Basic Issues in Intercultural Studies I Prof. Benny Lim MA(ICS)
CULS5204A Culture Studies in Film and Video Dr. Li Tiecheng
CULS5204B Cultural Studies in Film and Video Prof. Lim Song Hwee
CULS5209 Special Topics in Intercultural Studies
Animals and Society
Dr. Chan Ka Ming
CULS5212 Globalization and the Politics of Representation Dr. Chan Ka Ming
CULS5218 Practical and Critical Film Criticism Writing Dr Li Tiecheng
CULS5301A Concepts of Contemporary Culture Miss Isabella Yun MA(CUM)
CULS5307A Visual Arts Administration Prof. Ho Hing Kay Oscar
CULS5307B Visual Arts Administration Mr. Leung Chin Fung Jeff
CULS5308A Performing Arts Administration Miss. Isabella Yun
CULS5308B Performing Arts Administration Miss. Isabella Yun
CULS5313A Cultural Development and Policy Prof. Ho Hing Kay Oscar
CULS5313B Cultural Development and Policy Dr. Au-Yeung Shing
CULS5320 Special Topics in Cultural Management: Seminar Series Prof. Benny Lim
CULS5410A/B Visual Culture Theory Prof. Elmo Gonzaga MA(VCS)
CULS5406 Photomedia Dr. Rochelle Yang
CULS5411 Documentary Media: From Pre-Cinema to Multi-Media Web Communities Dr. Li Tiecheng
CULS5412 Visual Research Methods Prof. Tan Jia
RELS5005 Theories of Religious Studies Prof. Huang Weishan MA(RS)
RELS5323 Life and Death in World Religions Dr. Chow Wai Yin