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文化管理文學碩士課程 - 簡介



MA in Cultural Management
Information Day

5 December, 2020

Time: 10:00 - 11:00am


on Zoom


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About the Programme

The MA programme in Cultural Management was established in 2001 and has been the only MA programme in cultural management in Hong Kong. Armed with an open, flexible, theoretically grounded attitude as well as practical fieldwork experience, students are taught to meet challenging demands of the fast growing cultural industries.


One of the outstanding characteristics of the Programme is its recognition of cultural management as more than just technical studies in management. It is an act of cultural mediation that touches on issues such as professional ethics, cultural rights, cultural identity, and the social, political interferences in cultural representation. Graduates from the Programme are expected to be more than managers or technocrats. They are trained to be the cultural mediators who interpret, define, communicate and defend cultures. Bridging the gap between arts and the public, they are expected to be the interpreters of culture, upholders of cultural integrity, and most important of all, the defenders of cultural rights of all members of society. Profit making through cultural industries is not the focus of our teaching.


Aims and Objectives

The Programme aims at providing professional training within the various areas of cultural practices, with equal emphasis on nurturing:

  • Technical and managerial know-how,
  • Critical ability,
  • Creative skill.

The Programme has set the objectives as follows:

  • To offer students a broad and critical perspective of theories relating to culture and cultural management
  • To strengthen students' technical abilities in cultural management;
  • To nurture students creative skills in the curatorial and managerial practices;
  • To consolidate students' knowledge on cultural industries;
  • To prepare students for a fast-moving, ever-changing, and global cultural environment.