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文化研究文学硕士课程 - 关於我们


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Introduction | 简介

Intercultural Studies at Chinese University of Hong Kong covers topics ranging from Media and Society, Class and Identities, Gender and Queer, Science and Post-humanism, Ecological and Animal rights issues. The program incorporates a variety of perspectives and traditions between disciplines of literary theories, history, philosophy, film studies, critical theories, science and technology.  We encourage students to adopt interdisciplinary perspectives to interpret contemporary cultural phenomena and representations. Students will develop sophisticated understanding of social change and power in everyday life through studying various cultural texts, popular cultural forms, new media and digital practices. It aims to equip students with the analytical skills, critical awareness and sensitivity needed to meet the challenges of a world of increasing divides and conflicts.


跨文化研究课题涉猎媒体与再现、阶级与身份、性别与酷儿、科技与后人类、生态危机和动物权益等,是一个结合文学历史哲学、电影艺术理论、批判理论、科学科技研究的跨学科领域。课程跨越融合不同学科理论方法,解释后现代城市文化和历史经济政治叙事,著重文本研读、影像解构,关注大众文化现象背后的权力关系,在寻常的日常生活解读不寻常 。课程培养同学跨学科跨文化的知识触觉,开阔同学的本土与全球视野,以应对新近社会变迁。