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教職員 - 教職員




Ph.D. (Religious Studies), University of Edinburgh
M.Sc. (Social Anthropology), University of Edinburgh
B.Phil. (Religious Studies and Philosophy), Fudan University

關於 郭婷教授

郭婷現任香港中文大學文化與宗教系助理教授。她研究亞洲及跨國亞裔群體的宗教、政治與性別。她受訓於愛丁堡大學宗教系,有關人工智能、超越人類自我的心靈和歐洲世俗化的博士論文曾獲愛丁堡大學創新獎,博士畢業後開始從比較研究的視角考察世界各地的世俗及後世俗主義。她同時是多倫多大學Wycliffe College的掛名助理教授。


她正在撰寫學術專著Politics of Love: Religion, Secularism, and Love as a Political Discourse in Modern China。她的論文曾刊於《美國宗教學會期刊》、《宗教學方法與理論》、《批判宗教研究》、《今日人類學》、《宗教與電影》。她和幾位朋友共同主持一檔叫「時差」的華語播客。

    • 宗教與性別
    • 宗教,政治,社會運動
    • 世俗主義
    • 華語語系研究
    • 交互視角下的東亞解殖
    1. 愛作為現代中國的政治話語
    2. 香港的宗教與身分 
    3. 東亞的 #MeToo運動,性別暴力,社會行動
    4. 海外華語群體的保守主義
  • Peer-reviewed Articles
    1. (Forthcoming) “Double Decolonization: Identity Politics and the Study of Religion in the Context of #StopAsianHate.” Special issue on the identity turn, Implicit Religion.
    2. (Forthcoming) “Intimate Negotiations: Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth Century Shanghai.” Cambridge World History of Sexualities.
    3. 2023 “Beyond Sing Hallelujah to the Lord: Diffused Religion and Religious Co-Optations through Hong Kong.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion.
    4. 2023 “‘Eastern Religions are More Spiritual than Western Religions’.” In Stereotyping Religion: Critiquing Clichés, volume II, edited by Craig Martin and Brad Stoddard. London: Bloomsbury.
    5. 2023 “Cosmopolitan (Dis)Illusion: Migration, State Policies, and the Mirage of the Shanghai Exception.” Made in China Journal.
    6. 2022 “Lost in Žižek, Redeemed in Cloud Atlas: Buddhism and Other Tales of ‘Asian Religions’ in Western Cinema and Affective Circulation.” In Representing Religion and Film: A Critical Introduction, edited by Tenzan Eaghll and Rebekka King. London: Bloomsbury.
    7. 2022 “‘So Many Mothers, So Little Love’: Confucian Hegemony, Parental Governance, and the Discourse of Motherly Love in Hong Kong.” Special issue on power and identity, Method and Theory in the Study of Religion, volume 34:1–2, pp. 3–24.
    8. 2021 “Christianity and Sinophone Trumpism.” Reflexion 42, pp. 243–250.
    9. 2020 “Politics of Love: Love as a Religious and Political Discourse in Modern China through the Lens of Political Leaders.” Critical Research on Religion, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 39–52.
      Media coverage: Los Angeles Review of Books, Sixth Tone
    1. 2022 Liang Shih-chiu Literary Award, Taiwan (nominated) 
    2. 2022 Research Grant Enhancement Fund, University of Toronto 
    3. 2021 Pedagogies of Inclusive Excellence Fund, University of Toronto
    4. 2020 – Associate Editor, Religious Studies Project
    5. 2021 – Co-host, in-betweenness 時差podcast (@shichapodcast)
    6. 2022 – Steering Committee, Indian and Chinese Religions Compared Unit, American Academy of Religion
    7. 2022 – Steering Committee, Chinese Religions Unit, American Academy of Religion
    8. 2023 – SSHRC Connection Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada (co-applicant)
    9. Religion, Activism and Identity in Hong Kong, CUHK Faculty of Arts Direct Grant, 2023-2024 (HK$90,000)