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文化管理文學碩士課程 - 課程結構


The Programme intends to provide a well-rounded education that covers the various major arts forms, including performing arts, visual arts and media art. In addition to offering courses to nurture critical skills and equip students with general knowledge in cultural management, the Programme also offers advanced courses such as the studies of curatorship, exhibition design and arts festival organization to encourage specialization in studies.

Structure of Courses


Content of the Programme is constructed based on a 4 tiers structure. The curriculum is designed to guide students in a progressive manner to move from fundamental studies to specialized studies according to their own preferences. The 4 tiers are:


Tier 1

Fundamental training, which nurtures interpretive and critical skills; 


Tier 2

Essential management skills, nurturing basic professional know-how;


Tier 3

Specialized studies: specific areas of studies and creative training.


Tier 4

Practicum and personal research


Study Period


The normative study period for this programme is 1 year for full-time and 2 years for part-time. Classes will be arranged in weekday evenings from 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm. 


Languages used for teaching


Based on the principle that the language used must be understood by all students in class, a significant number of courses are currently taught in English. Depending on individual teachers and class demographics, some courses may allow assignments to be submitted in Chinese.


Medium of Instruction


All courses, unless otherwise stated, are taught in English.