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教职员 - 教职员

Douglas GILDOW 教授

Douglas GILDOW 教授


PhD, Princeton University

    • 近代佛教的思想史
    • 当代佛教教育与思想
    • 中国佛教与民间信仰的互动
    1. Coming to the Terms of Modern Chinese Buddhism, 1870-1950 (2021-23, with funding from the Hong Kong General Research Fund)
    2. Buddhist Monastic Education in Contemporary China (2020-21, with funding from the Khentse Foundation)
    3. Liang Qichao and Early Chinese Buddhist Modernism 梁启超与中国佛教现代主义的萌芽 (2020-21, with funding from the CUHK Faculty of Arts)
    1. 2023. “Buddhism and the Social Order: Liang Qichao (1873-1929) and Modernist Buddhism” (佛教与社会秩序 ――梁启超(1873-1929)与现代主义佛教). Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (中华佛学学报) 36, 105-161.
    2. 2020. “Questioning the Revival: Buddhist Monasticism in China Since Mao.” (关於佛教复兴的质疑:后毛泽东时代的中国佛教僧侣状况). Review of Religion and Chinese Society 7:1, 6-33.
    3. 2018. “Cai Yuanpei (1868-1940), Religion, and His Plan to Save China through Buddhism.” Asia Major Third Series 31:2, 107-148.
    4. 2014. “The Chinese Buddhist Ritual Field: Common Public Rituals in PRC Monasteries Today.” (中国的佛事场域――中华人民共和国佛寺常见的大众仪式). Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies (中华佛学学报). 27, 59-127.
    5. 2014. “西方学术界对禅宗'东山法脉'的研究.” (A review of Anglophone scholarship on the Chan East Mountain Lineage). 佛学研究 (Buddhist Studies) 22, 350-58.
    6. 2006. “Flesh Bodies, Stiff Corpses, and Gathered Gold: Mummy Worship, Corpse Processing, and Mortuary Ritual in Contemporary Taiwan.” Journal of Chinese Religions 33, 1-37.