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宗教研究文學士課程 - 課程簡介



Religious Studies considers religion to be an integral part of human life, thought and activity. It advocates an objective and academic approach to the study of religious phenomena and an understanding of people’s religious needs. Students may take courses in six areas: Approaches to Religious Studies;  Religious Traditions and their Development;  Religious Classics and Literature; Religion, Culture and Society; Languages, Seminars and Special Topics, and Religion and Everyday Life. Courses are offered on different religious traditions, although the emphasis is on the study of Chinese religions and Christianity in the Chinese context, Students may opt to take ‘Religion and Culture’ as their area of concentration.


Particular attention is paid to interdisciplinary studies, including the Psychology of Religion, the Sociology of Religion, the Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics, Religion and Education, and Religion and Literature, with the aim of acquainting students with the relationship between religion and other disciplines. In addition, the Religious Studies programme requires students to conduct fieldwork, research and study to gain a greater understanding of the daily religious rituals of people in our own society and in the region. To integrate religious theory and application, and to provide students with on-site experience, the Department arranges undergraduate student internships during the summer months.