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教職員 - 教職員




B.Soc.Sc. (HKU).
Ph.D. (CUHK)

    • Practical Theology in Asia
    • Asia Theology and Postcolonialism
    • Contextual Theology
    • Cross-cultural and Interfaith Pastoral Care and Christian Counseling
    1. Seeking a Contextual Understanding of Interfaith Encounter in Christian Pastoral Care Settings in a Non-Western and Non-Christian Postsecular Society (GRF project; completed in 2023)
    2. Provision of Service of Revising Learning Resource on Normative Ethics (Knowledge transferred projected funded by Education Bureau, HKSAR Govt; completed in 2017)
    3. Protestant Death Rituals, Continuing Bonds between the Living and the Dead, and Bereavement Care (GRF project; completed in 2016)
    4. Postcoloniality, Resistance, and the History of Asian Theology in the 1970s-Reclaiming the Resistance of Theological Indigenization (Completed in 2016)
    5. Investigating the Postcolonial Resistance in Asian Theologies - Two Indigenous Chinese Christian Thinkers as Case Studies (Direct Grants project; completed in 2013
    6. Toward a Revision of Hope-based Christian Counseling Approaches with a Mutually Critical Correlational Analysis (GRF project; completed in 2011)
    7. Turning Point—A Qualitative Study of Motivation of Change in Hong Kong Chinese Chronic Pain Patients (Co-Investigator)

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