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Past Events

Jockey Club “Once Under the Lion Rock” Oral History Theatre Programme: Roving Exhibition “All About Hong Kong” Talk

24 Nov 2023

Time:3:30pm - 5:00pm


LT4, Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA), CUHK

Jockey Club “Once Under the Lion Rock” Oral History Theatre Programme: Roving Exhibition “All About Hong Kong”


Exhibition Date: Nov 13 - Nov 24, 2023

Venue: G/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA), CUHK


Guided Tour Sessions (in Cantonese):

15 Nov 2023; 下午4:30-5:15
17 Nov 2023; 下午4:30-5:15
20 Nov 2023; 下午4:30-5:15

Talk: "From Oral History to Theatre" (in Cantonese)
Date: 24 Nov 2023
Time: 3:30pm-5:00pm
Venue: LT4, Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA), CUHK

Registration deadline: 20 Nov 2023

Registration for talk:


Exhibition Introduction:

History is a collection of stories of mankind. While we always read about important people and events that are written into history books, Chung Ying Theatre Company is devoted to recording heartfelt stories from ordinary people and witnessing history through their personal experience.


Chung Ying’s oral history theatre projects dated back to 2008. In 2017, we were glad to receive funding support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to launch Jockey Club “Once Under the Lion Rock” Oral History Theatre Programme. To date, the Programme has collected stories from over 600 elderly participants from different districts of Hong Kong and presented these living embodiments of diligence and perseverance of Hong Kong people and their “Lion Rock Spirits” filled stories to over 20,000 people through over 120 school touring performances and 100 community performances.


Apart from staging elderly’s stories in theatre, Chung Ying continues to explore ways to document these valuable histories. In 2022-2023, Chung Ying is organising roving exhibitions to travel with general public in a journey through the nostalgic Hong Kong by showcasing elderly participants’ personal antique objects and stories behind. By examining the past, we hope to shed light on the future, and inspire younger generations to embrace our history and create their own future.


This event is organized by Chung Ying Theatre and co-organized by the Department for Cultural and Religious Studies.

For enquiries: email:; Tel: 39433726