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Past Events

Veiled Passion: Indonesian Muslim K-Pop female fans and the cultural negotiation of gender and religious identities

30 Mar 2023

Time:3:20pm - 4:15pm


Rm 304, Lee Shau Kee Building, CUHK & Online via Zoom

Speaker: Lusvita Nuzuliyanti 

Moderator: Prof. Yongwoo Lee 




In this lecture, Lusvita focuses on how Indonesian Muslim fans negotiate and express their religious and gender identities through their involvement in the global and dynamic K-pop fandom culture. Situating the study within historical trajectories of Indonesian pop music scenes against the social and cultural changes in Indonesia post-1998, Lusvita attempts to analyze the ways in which contemporary, urban Indonesian Muslim women balance, contextualize and create a coherent identity amidst the hegemony of the contradictory influences brought by fandoming K-pop, a non-Muslim pop music flow.



Lusvita Nuzuliyanti is a lecturer in the English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Airlangga University, Surabaya – Indonesia. Lusvita holds BA Airlangga University, MA University of Melbourne and currently a Ph.D. candidate at Leiden University finalizing her dissertation, entitled "Veiled Passion: Indonesian Muslim girls K-Pop fans and the cultural negotiation of gender and religious identities.


This activity is a guest lecture of CURE 3006 Special Topic in Cultural Studies: Korean Media and Popular Culture, supported by the Centre for Cultural Studies and the Department of Cultural & Religious Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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