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Prof. PANG  Laikwan

Prof. PANG Laikwan

Professor & Chairperson

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (WashU)

About Prof. PANG Laikwan

PANG Laikwan received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Washington University in St. Louis, and she has taught at CUHK since 2002. She is now Professor of Cultural Studies and Head of the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies. Her research spans a broad spectrum of issues related to culture in Modern and Contemporary China and Hong Kong. But her central philosophical project is the exploration of the dynamics between “many” and “one,” manifested in the intersections between culture and politics, copies and models, plurality and unity, as well as democracy and sovereignty. She is the author of a few books, and her scholarship has been recognized internationally. Her books received CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title and Chiang King-Kuo Foundation Publication Award. She herself also received the Discovery International Award offered by Australia Research Council, Research Excellence Award as well as Young Research Award by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has been appointed by Hong Kong’s Research Grant Council and University Grants Committee as panel members for the General Research Fund and Research Assessment Exercise. 


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    • Modern and Contemporary Chinese Culture and Politics
    • Cinema and Visual Arts
    • Critical Theories
    • Hong Kong Culture
    • Creativity and Copying 
  • Academic Books

    • 2020. The Appearing Demos: Hong Kong During and After the Umbrella Movement. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 


    • 2017. The Art of Cloning: Creative Production during China's Cultural Revolution. London and New York: Verso.
    • 2012. Creativity and Its Discontents: China’s Creative Industries and Intellectual Property Rights Offenses. Durham and London: Duke University Press.
    • 2010;2018.《黃昏未晚:後九七香港電影》。香港: 中文大學出版社。
    • 2007. The Distorting Mirror: Visual Modernity in China. Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press.
    • 2006. Cultural Control and Globalization in Asia: Copyright, Piracy, and Cinema. London and New York: Routledge.
    • 2002. Building a New China in Cinema: The Chinese Left-wing Cinema Movement, 1932-37. Lanham, Boulder, New York, London: Rowman and Littlefield.

    Recent Academic Articles


    • Forthcoming. “Facing Up to the Sovereign: Pak Sheung Cheun’s ‘Nightmare Wallpaper’ and Hong Kong’s Despair.” Critical Inquiry.
    • Forthcoming. “De-Sovietization and Internationalism: The People’s Republic of China’s Alternative Modernity Project.” In Pheng Cheah and Caroline S. Hau eds. Siting Postcoloniality: Critical Perspectives from the East Asian Sinophere. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.
    • Forthcoming. “Making Sense of Labor: Works of Art and Arts of Work in China’s Great Leap Forward.” In Xuelei Huang and Shengqing Wu eds. Sensing China: Modern Transformation of Sensory Culture. New York: Routledge.
    • 2022. “Can Dialectic Materialism Produce Beauty? The “Great Aesthetic Debates” (1956–1962) in the People’s Republic of China.” International Journal of Asian Studies. Advanced online publication, DOI:
    • 2022. “China’s Post-socialist Governmentality and the Garlic Chives Meme: Economic Sovereignty and Biopolitical Subjects.” Theory, Culture and Society 39, no 1: 81-100.
    • 2022. “Mask as Identity? The Political Subject in the 2019 Hong Kong’s Social Unrest.” Cultural Studies 36, no. 4: 624-643.