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Prof. WONG Wai Yin Christina

Prof. WONG Wai Yin Christina

Assistant Professor

BA, MPhil (CUHK); PhD (GTU)

About Prof. WONG Wai Yin Christina

Wong Wai-Yin Christina is a full-time assistant professor of the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK. Christina is trained in multi-disciplinary studies. She got her Master of Philosophy at CUHK, majoring in Gender Studies and Religious Studies. Building on sociological research methods, her master thesis documents and analyzes the struggles of female Christian ministers toward ordination in Hong Kong churches from historical, theological, and gender perspectives. Her finding contributed to demonstrate Christian women’s subtle power and resistance during their succession in Hong Kong’s clerical hierarchy. In October 2015, the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, US, conferred on her its Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her major disciplines are Christianity in China, Chinese Women’s History, and Asian Feminist Theology. Her dissertation was titled, “Women’s Work for Women: Chinese Christian Women and Western Missionaries in Canton, South China, 1847–1938.” It addresses women’s agency in Christianity in China and examines the negotiation and cooperation between American Presbyterian women missionaries and Chinese Christian women in the Canton Christian community.


Christina’s research and teaching focus on Women and Missions; Feminist Theology; Gender and Ministry; and Religion and Gender Studies. She is the principal investigator of “Women’s Work for Women: Transnational Cooperation of a Christian Women Community in Canton, South China (1847–1938), funded by Direct Grant for Research 2016–17, CUHK. She is also a co-investigator of “Preliminary Study on the Struggles and Challenges of the Aftermath of Female Survivors: A Critical Review of Hong Kong Coping Against Intimate Partner Violence” (with Ng Wai-Ching Irene, Social Work Department, CUHK). Apart from her expertise in gender and women’s studies in religion and theology, she also got a grant from Early Career Scheme 2021–22, University Grants Committee, entitled “Radical Social Movements and Networked Ecumenism: An Analysis of Three Christian NGOs in Colonial Hong Kong, 1960s–1990s.” As a scholar of mission studies of World Christianity and a practitioner of the ecumenical movement, she is interested in analyzing how transnational ecumenical networks and resources nurtured early local radical social movements in Hong Kong.

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    • History of Christianity in China
    • Women and Missions in Chinese Christianity
    • Regional Studies in Chinese Christianity: South China (Canton and Hong Kong)
    • Asian Feminist Theology
    • Gender and Ministry
    1. Radical Social Movement and Ecumenism: A Historical Study of Three Pressure Groups Founded by the Church in Colonial Hong Kong (1960s–1990s) (ECS 2022–2024)
    2. Women’s Work for Women: Transnational Cooperation of a Christian Women’s Community in Canton, South China (1847–1951)
    3. A Study of Hong Kong Christian Youth Protest Against the Church during 2019–2020
  • Books
    1. Bainian haoshi: nüqing yu Xianggang funü fazhan 《百年好事:女青與香港婦女發展》[Women’s Stories in the Hundred Years: The YWCA and Hong Kong Women’s Development]. Written with Cheung Wing Shan張穎珊. Xianggang香港: Shangwu chubanshe商務出版社, 2021. (Forthcoming)
    2. Lantian xingdong: Jiaohui fangzhi jiabao shigong yanjiu baogao《藍天行動——教會防治家暴事工研究報告》[Flying in the Blue: Research Report on Against Family Violence in the Churches]. Written with Chan Man Yee陳敏儀. Xianggang香港: Xianggang funü jidutu xiehui香港婦女基督徒協會, 2006.

    Edited Books
    1. Shenxue qidong: Nüxing zhuyi shenxuejia sumiao《神學起動──女性主義神學家素描》[Theology in Motion: A Portrait of Feminist Theologians], edited with Wong Wai-Ching黃慧貞, Mak Ming-Yee麥明儀, and Rose Wu胡露茜. Xianggang香港: Xianggang funü jidutu xiehui香港婦女基督徒協會, 2011.
    2. Funü muyang yu shifeng: 2002 huaren funü shenxue huiyi baogao wenji《婦女牧養與事奉——2002華人婦女神學會議報告文集》[ Ministering Women, Women in Ministry: A Conference Report on Feminist Theology in Chinese Contexts], edited with Lo Kui Lok盧居樂. Xianggang香港: Xianggang funü jidutu xiehui香港婦女基督徒協會, 2005.
    3. Funü jingyan yu funü muyang《婦女經驗與婦女牧養》[Experience of Women Christian and Pastoral Care for the Women], edited with Wong Wai Ching黃慧貞 and Dorothy So蘇敏幗. Xianggang香港: Xianggang funü jidutu xiehui香港婦女基督徒協會, 2003.


    Articles/ Book Chapters/Book Reviews
    1. “A Moment of Refuge: Transnational Cooperation at Ming Sum School for the Blind in Occupied Canton in the Second World War.” In Women’s Experiences of the Second Word War: Exile, Occupation and Everyday Life, edited by Mark J. Crowley and Sandra Trudgen Dawson, 113–30. Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2021.
    2. “Revisionist Footbinding in China: Cultural Encounters between Women Missionaries and Chinese Women.” In Women in Christianity in the Age of Empire (1800-1920), A Cultural History of Women in Christianity, 5, ed. Janet Wootton. (Forthcoming)
    3. “Shifting Memories: An Oral History Study of the Canton Young Women’s Christian Association in the 1940s.” Social Sciences and Missions 33 (2020): 157–89.
    4. Review of Linda and Robert Banks, Through the Valley of the Shadow: Australian Women in War-torn China, Asia Journal of Theology 34, no.2 (October 2020): 100–3.
    5. “A Retrieval of Ecumenism: The Start of the Tsuen Wan Ecumenical Social Service Centre and Its Local Praxis.” Religions 2019, 10, 294; doi:10.3390/rel10050294.
    6. Review of Wai-ching Angela Wong and Patricia P.K. Chiu, eds., Christian Women in Chinese Society: The Anglican Story. Ching Feng 17, no. 1–2 (2018): 165–68.
    7. Review of Ambrose Mong, Guns and Gospel: Imperialism and Evangelism in China. Journal of Chinese Religions 46, no.1 (2018): 88–90.
    8. “Revisionist Women’s Work for Women: Contribution of Native Women Workers in Canton, American Presbyterian Mission.” In Shaping of Christianity in Greater China: Indigenous Christians in Focus, ed. Paul Woods, 152–66. Oxford: Regnum Books, 2017.
    9. “Funü yu fuwu: Guangzhou jidujiaonü qinian diyige sifenyi shiji” 〈婦女與服務——廣州基督教女青年會第一個四份一世紀〉 [Women and Social Services: the First Twenty-Five Years of Young Women’s Christian Association in Guangzhou, China]. In Bianju xia de xichao: jidujiao yu Zhongguo de xiandaixing 《變局下的西潮:基督教與中國的現代性》[Western Tides Coming Ashore in a Changing World Christianity and China’s Passage into Modernity], edited by Timothy M. Wong黃文江, Paul W. Cheung張雲開, and Louis C. Chan陳智衡, 475–95. Xianggang香港: Jiandao shengxueyuan建道神學院, 2015.
    10. Review of Jonas Jonson, Wounded Visions: Unity, Justice, and Peace in the World Church after 1968. International Bulletin of Missionary Research 37, no.4 (October 2013): 245–46.
    11. “Expanding Social Networks: A Case Study of Cora Deng and Y.T. Wu on Their Roles and Participation in the National Salvation Movement in the 1930s China.” In Dashidai de zongjiao xinyang: Wu Yao-zong yu ershi shiji Zhongguo jidujiao 《大時代的宗教信仰——吳耀宗與二十世紀中國基督教》 [Abiding Faith for a Nation in Crisis: Y.T. Wu and Twentieth-Century Chinese Christianity], edited by Ying Fuk-Tsang邢福增, 291–340. Xianggang香港: Jidujiao Zhongguo zongjiao wenhua yanjiushe基督教中國宗教文化研究社, 2011.
    12. “Quanqiu shiye zaidi xingdong: Hu Luqian” 〈全球視野,在地行動——胡露茜〉[Global Vision and Local Action: Rose Wu]. In Shenxue qidong: Nüxing zhuyi shenxuejia sumiao《神學起動──女性主義神學家素描》[Theology in Motion: A Portrait of Feminist Theologians], edited with Wong Wai-Ching黃慧貞, Mak Ming-Yee麥明儀, and Rose Wu胡露茜, 231–55. Xianggang香港: Xianggang funü jidutu xiehui香港婦女基督徒協會, 2011.
    13. “Love Your Neighbor (Other) as Yourself: Response to Elizabeth Koepping’s Paper.” Asian Christian Review, 4, no.1 (2010): 14–19.


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