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Master of Arts in Cultural Management

Master of Arts in Cultural Management - Research


Books under the ‘Cultural Management Series’

Published by Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Empower Arts, Animate Communities

Empower Arts, Animate Communities

Edited by Benny Lim & Oscar Ho Hing-kay



978-988-79285-1-5 (Print)

978-988-79285-2-2 (E-book)


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2017: Arts and Community


2016: Cultural Mediation

Art and Social Change

Between 2014 and 2020, Oscar Ho (Director of the MACM programme between 2006 and 2020) organized six editions of Forum on Community Arts, each of which offered a critical examination of the philosophical and ethical issues, key terms, and operational models of Community Arts in Hong Kong and beyond. Since early 2021, the programme has embarked on a new project, Art and Social Change, with the goal of developing a framework for evaluating the social impact of the arts and documenting how this framework shapes emerging community art practices.


Principal Investigator: Benny Lim

Collaborators:  Fancy Fan, Ka Chun Lin and Nikki Zhang


Forum on Art and Social Change 2021

Forum on Art and Social Change 2021


Cultural Mediation


Cultural mediators are gatekeepers, who define, select, and present the arts professionally, and in so doing, expose the public and (specific) communities to the benefit of the arts. This research is interested in how cultural mediators position themselves in relation to the various stakeholders within the arts and cultural sector.


Principal Investigator: Benny Lim

Workshop on Cultural Mediation 2nd Workshop Cultural Mediation

User Experience of Online Art Festivals

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many cultural activities, including art festivals. Some organizers have chosen to postpone the Y2020 edition of their festivals to 2021, while others have taken their festivals completely online. There is also a growing trend of new online art festivals created specifically to react to the pandemic. This research seeks to explore the audience centricity of online art festivals through employing digital ethnography methods.


Principal Investigator: Benny Lim

Collaborator: Roy Soetantio


The first phase of the research contributed to the website development of Along the Edge Arts Festival 2021, which is an actual online art festival.