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Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies
Alumni Sharing

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies - Alumni Sharing

Alumni Sharing

Ng Sin To, BA in Cultural Studies, 2021 Graduate

NG Sin To

Graduate year 2021

Cultural Studies is a programme that reveals different issues in society. Through reading different texts and articles, we discover subliminal power relationships in the social context so as to reflect and unmask our daily lives that are seemingly normal.

I was trained to understand the representation of media, analyze the symbolism of different images, and gain insights into the multifaceted social phenomenon behind film and television works through the guidance of various courses offered by the Cultural Studies program.

My sincerest gratitude goes to the department for providing internship opportunities in various organizations. The internship experience not only allowed me to understand the workplace environment but also made me realise that the relationship between culture and life is inseparable. It also enhances my awareness of everything in my daily life.

Fung Hoi Yan, BA in Cultural Studies, 2021 Graduate

FUNG Hoi Yan

Graduate year 2021

Cultural Studies is the most precious and life-changing subject for me. It has profoundly enriched my perspectives on others, society, nature, and myself. I raised awareness of the marginalized and disempowered, which interestingly empowers me to become a dignified human being free of society's destructive ideologies. As an aspirant artist, it’s grateful to have my creation grounded in open-mindedness, critical thinking, and human solicitude. Cultural Studies has opened a seemingly narrow but ultimately limitless door for me, and it is my first step! 

TING Oi Man, BA in Cultural Studies, 2020 Graduate


Graduate Year 2020

Recalling the days studying in Cultural Studies, what I gain most is having critical thinking. There should not be absolute standard in society. For example, no race is more privileged or no gender is having greater power. It has breached my established cognition, learning to respect different groups of people.

WONG Tak Yin, BA in Cultural Studies, 2020 Graduate


WONG Tak Yin

Graduate Year 2020

If putting my four-years college life on the balance, the days of passing through the corridor on the third floor of Leung Kau Kui Building would have weighted a lot. Cultural Studies is vital to me, as it enlightens me to perceive the margins, embrace differences, and try to bring critical reflection into social practice without losing my curiosity about life and the warmth of treating others. Those cultures, emotions and life experiences that have touched me always remind me to reflect on myself, reconnect with others, and seek empowerment and change from the subtleties of daily life. This weight of anchoring people's hearts is even more valuable in the vast and impermanent moment.

CHOY Tsz Chung, BA in Cultural Studies, 2020 Graduate

CHOY Tsz Chung

Graduate Year 2020

From my point of view, Cultural Studies is not only a discipline, but also an important paramount for my personal growth. As an associate degree graduate in Event Management, I did not choose the same discipline, instead, I devote myself to Cultural Studies with enthusiasm and expectation for the film. Fortunately, this discipline was not as narrowed as I imagined.

I need to say thank you to the professors and instructors for their perseverance for guiding me to rethink the profound meaning of "film and television culture" in these three years.  It turns out that the definition of film and television is not only about entertainment but also about the relationship between its symbolic meaning and its referential society.  Cultural Studies has led me to reflect on my influence on the society, reminded me to actively participate in the process of social transformation, emphasized that “criticism” is to refuse to be eroded by the fragmentary entertainment and to digest the information transmitted by the media actively and critically.

In the face of daily absurdity, thoughts and ideas are our best equipment.  Cultural Studies do not mark an end of my growth but a new starting point of my future path.

Howard Yu Alumni of BACS

Howard YU

Graduate Year 2018

We have gained a comprehensive understanding of the society and a caring attitude to the minories.