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Dr. LI  Tiecheng

Dr. LI Tiecheng


Ph.D. (Cultural Studies), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

About Dr. LI Tiecheng

Li Tiecheng received his Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His dissertation focuses on the ecologies and institutionalization of Chinese independent films. Dr. Li’s current research interests include international independent film studies, documentary studies, and film education in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He finished his postdoctoral research project supported by the PPR (Public Policy Research Funding Scheme) on “Film/Video-making Labor and Professionalism in Hong Kong” in 2013. In 2014, he obtained a grant for Japan-Related Research Projects from the Sumitomo Foundation to research the influence of Ogawa Shinsuke on the development of independent documentary in China and Hong Kong, and in 2016 he obtained the direct grant from CUHK for the project “Rebuilding Historical Narrative in Chinese Independent Documentary Filmmaking.” The courses he teaches involve cultural studies in film and videos, film criticism writing and theory and practice in documentaries. 


Dr. Li’s recent publications include “Takeshis,” published in Studies of the Creative Journey of World-Renowned Film Directors (China Radio & Television Publishing House, 2013). His articles on Hong Kong film- including annual film reviews and analysis of Hong Kong documentary film - are regularly published in the journal Contemporary Cinema (China Film Art Research Center). 


Dr. Li is also a filmmaker; his documentary work My Film and Brother Wah was screened in the 15th IFVA and the 6th Chinese Documentary Festival. The short film edited by him, A Photography Teacher’s Encounter, was awarded the Golden Prize in the 15th Times Advertisement Golden Calf Prize. Many animated films written by him have been aired on Channel One of China Central Television.



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