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Master of Arts in Cultural Management

Master of Arts in Cultural Management - Alumni


An alumni association of the Programme was formed in early 2010. It provides a strong supporting network for professional collaboration and continuous learning for graduates of the Programme.


Alumni Association of M.A. in Cultural Management  (AACM)

The 7th Executive Committee Member List (2024-2026)

Chairman: Wayne Cheng (2011)

Vice-Chairman: KK Wong (2018)

Honorary Secretary: Ida Law (2019)

Honorary Treasury: Shirely Deng (2018)

Executive Officers: Renee Sum (2020)

                                     Sophie Zhou (2018)


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Featured Alumni



ZHU Shuzhen, Susanna 朱淑楨  
Mainland China 中國大陸   Graduate Year 2012

Founder / Secretary General, Shenzhen Curiosity Museum Studies Centre


Founder / CEO, Blossom Haus Consulting Co., Ltd.



“The systematic study on cultural management with various skills and methodology allows me to understand my job working as an art administrator in the Fine Art Institution by then so much better. It also leads me to a broader field of ‘museum’ bringing along further inquiries that had encouraged me to start my own business both in the creative industry and museum studies. The cultural theory and the research on cases all around the world are truly helpful for me as a strategy-maker as well as a pioneer practitioner. ”





ZHANG Yingjun, Cici 張穎君   
Mainland China 中國大陸   Graduate Year 2013

Lecturer, Dongguan University of Technology
東莞理工學院 講師





CHOU Wai In, Rebecca 曹偉妍   
Macao 澳門  Graduate Year 2014

Assistant Vice President, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Macau

澳門銀河娛樂集團 助理副總裁




John Tung 2015

Tung Zhiwen, John 鄧智文   
Singapore 新加坡  Graduate Year 2015

Independent Curator and Exhibition Maker

Curator-The Singapore Biennale (2016 & 2019)


“Pursuing my MA Cultural Management with the Chinese University of Hong Kong allowed for a thorough examination of my varied research interest with the wide array of modules available for students’ selection. Coupled with the guidance from accomplished professors, students are provided the opportunities to develop new insights into cultural managerial practice. Lastly, with an international cohort from varied academic background, my time spent at CUHK MACUM broadened my perspectives, while discussions with my learned classmates honed my analytical skills.”



CHENG Hei Yee, Meggy 鄭禧怡   
Hong Kong 香港   Graduate Year 2016

Executive Director of Hong Kong Dance Company



“It is a Cultural Management Master Programme which inspires one to take on an explorative journey to learn, to discuss and most importantly, to challenge everything that matters in mediating arts and culture for Hong Kong. Today, I am proud of to become one of the art mediators who strive to contribute in the arts industry.”



ZHOU Mengchen 周夢琛   
Mainland China 中國大陸   Graduate Year 2016

Lecturer in Arts Management, Wuhan Conservatory of Music, CHINA
武漢音樂學院 講師


“The most common thing when I tell my friends about my study experience is that I never regret coming to our Cultural Management Programme in CUHK. The international scope could provide us with tons of opportunities to explore the whole world. In this big family, we can meet with fresh ideas, professional knowledge, interesting arts pieces and excellent peers. For me, the best thing I have received in CM programme is the cute faculties here who are kind, brilliant, helpful and very competent. They are the ones who set great examples for me in my life and, of course, in my later teaching career.”



LAI Kai King, Toby 黎啟勁   
Hong Kong 香港  Graduate Year 2018

山下策劃 Mediators Rock - 共同創辦人


“修讀碩士課程的過程,不但讓我拓闊學術上的眼光,亦有機會可以嘗試一些工作以外的事情。例如籌辦2017年的《思前想後藝術節》的經驗,讓我可以對展覽策劃、設計,以至藝術節的活動執行有更深刻的體會。課程更觸發我對文化藝術的強烈的追求,於2021年7月夥拍另一位文管校友梁詠珊小姐共同創立「山下策劃 Mediators Rock」,冀望於商業環境中實踐「文化中介」的理念。”



LEUNG Fei Tung, 梁非同   
Hong Kong 香港  Graduate Year 2018

Cantonese opera artist


“The program has granted me much theoretical and managerial knowledge supporting my stage experiences. Working in a traditional art field, the program has stimulated my mind with modern cultural ideas and practices on management shared by professionals. ”


Li Fang

LI Fang, 李芳   
Mainland China 中國大陸  Graduate Year 2018

Events manager, International Center for Creativity and Sustainable Development under the auspices of UNESCO
聯合國教科文組織國際創意與可持續發展中心 活動經理




Wendy Lam Graduate Year 2018

LAM Ngo Chi Wendy, 林翺姿  
Hong Kong 香港  Graduate Year 2018

Manager, Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association
香港藝術行政人員協會 經理


“The MA in Cultural Management Programme focuses on both academic studies and practical training. It provided an unique opportunity to develop our management skills in particular for the arts and cultural industries. ”


YI Ziwei Graduate Year 2018

YI Ziwei, 易紫薇  
Mainland China 中國大陸  Graduate Year 2018

Cataloguer,Modern Asian Art Department,Sotheby's Hong Kong


“The M.A. programme in Cultural Management of The Chinese University of Hong Kong has not only equipped the students with the professional knowledge and creative insights in arts and culture, but it also has offered them a wide spectrum of opportunities of entering the art industry. My time spent with CUHK has truly broadened my horizon and deepened my understanding of the art world. ”


Dessislava Pirinchieva Graduate Year 2019

Dessislava Pirinchieva  
Bulgaria 保加利亞  Graduate Year 2019

Art Director for Ocaña Barcelona:,
Fundraising for Spanish artist Antoni Miralda, Creative producer: Documentary movie for cyborgs,
Art Advisor for Joaquima Laguna, Spanish entrepreneur


“As being European, had been studying the MA in Cultural Management in Hong Kong gave me a global perspective about the cultural ecology and facilitated my ability to understand cultural policies and practices in a holistic way. The practicum I’ve done meanwhile my studies in non-profit organisation as Asia Society initiated an interest about strategies of fundraising and as well I required an important knowledge about the structure of a non-profit making project. Hong Kong is a unique place on the Earth. Its shape is always in movement and its content is constructed by multilayers. Understanding the context of Hong Kong through the cultural perspective is a vital experience which shaped me in a unrepeatable way. ”


Gao Zhejun Graduate Year 2020

GAO Zhejun 高哲君  

Mainland China 中国大陸  Graduate Year 2020

Curator, Writer, Mover


“The diverse and challenging curriculum offered by the MACM program not only provides me with instructions on key theories, methods, and topics in the field of art, culture, and social development but more importantly, reshaped my understanding of the role artists and curators play in our daily lives. These insightful conversations that I had with the professors, classmates, and fellow TAs offered huge inspiration to me. This was definitely one of the most splendid experience in my life.”


WOO Seungyeon Kaisha Graduate Year 2020

WOO Seungyeon, Kaisha

Republic of Korea 韓國 Graduate Year 2020

Founder / Director 

Gowld Art Centre Ltd (Social Enterprise) 


“The MACM program offered a profound understanding of Hong Kong's cultural landscape and the philosophy and values taught by the professors were greatly helpful and inspiring to set the big picture of my social enterprise in the field of arts and art education. Working alongside other MACM alumni, I am driven towards the shared objective of serving as a cultural mediator in Hong Kong to bridge the gap between the people and the realm of art and culture in my own way.”


DING Ruoxu Joe Graduate Year 2021

DING Ruoxu, Joe 丁若虛

Mainland China 中國大陸 Graduate Year 2021


Research Associate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen


TV Show Artist


“The MACM program allows me to understand the concept of "cultural mediator" and its mission in a systematic and professional way for the first time. It enabled me to reflect on my favorite cultural industries through the inspiring perspective of cultural studies, and taught me to understand the processes of cultural production and consumption through the theories and methods of modern management science. These experiences have helped me to become more immersed and focused during my current research work, and have allowed me to gain a deeper comprehension of the work I am involved in related to the performing arts industry.”


He Yiting Graduate Year 2021

HE Yiting 何依亭

Canada 加拿大   Graduate Year 2021

Director, Hong Kong Poetry Festival Foundation (

香港詩歌節基金會 總監


"After absorbing a finely honed and professionally tailored course in the Cultural Management Master Programme, I have developed both breadth and depth in my understanding and cognition towards cultural policies, cultural ecology, and cultural intermediaries. This essential learning experience has bestowed upon me a unique perspective to discern the complex dynamics of the cultural environment, equipping me to embrace and effectively navigate any potential challenges and periods of transformation with more delicate and professional management decisions. The continuous global scrutiny of cultural phenomena within the curriculum continues to inspire innovation and advancement in my capacity as a cultural practitioner in the artistic domain."


Lee Ho Yin Lawrence Graduate Year 2021

LEE Ho Yin, Lawrence 李浩賢

Hong Kong 香港 Graduate Year 2021

Production Director of L Square Design Management Limited / Freelancer


Chairman of The Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians & Scenographers (HKATTS) (2020-2025) 

香港舞台技術及設計人員協會主席 (2020-2025)


"The Cultural Management Master Programme encompassed a diverse array of subjects, providing me with valuable knowledge and skills. This enriching learning journey has significantly prepared me for a successful career in the cultural sector."