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Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
Alumni Sharing

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies - Alumni Sharing

Alumni Sharing


Michelle Wong Alumni of BARS

Michelle WONG

Graduate year 2021

Religious Studies is not 'religious.’ Instead, we explore and examine various religious beliefs, texts, customs, institutions, and practices with an academic approach. The study of religion is intrinsically interdisciplinary, involving philosophical thinking, social and historical understanding, anthropological research, art appreciation, and more. What I like most about studying at the Department of Religious Studies, CUHK is that they always strive to ensure students have plenty of opportunities to conduct field research. For instance, I went on a nine-day field trip in 2019 to Mumbai, India, for the course titled ‘CURE 3377: Fieldwork in Indian Cultures and Religions,’ and seven days of fieldwork in 2021 for the course ‘CURE 3378: Fieldwork in Islamic Culture and Religion in Hong Kong.’ I am sure that you will find studying here at the Department of Religious Studies, CUHK, could never be more fascinating and satisfying until you start your journey here.


Judith Wong Alumni of BARS

WONG Hang Tsz Judith

Graduate Year 2021

Growing up in and around Hong Kong, with exposure to Chinese folk religions and Protestantism from my family and early education, I find it fascinating how different religions coexist in and shape society and the people around me. I then decided to major in Religious Studies to determine the correlation between religion and the world and never regret it. The Department of Cultural and Religious Studies gave me the freedom to create a rigorous education on topics I’m interested in, from China’s religious policies to new religious movements in the United States.

The most significant thing I have learned during my several years in CRS was ‘to understand sympathetically’ and never judge but to study further. Since graduating in 2020, I have been working with the Teaching and Research Division in the School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University, on research projects regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine education, medical ethics, virtual teaching and learning, and community engagement. The job requires me to acquire a deep understanding of local communities and solve social problems innovatively, which my studies at CUHK CRS have helped build through field studies and constant sympathetic observation of human behaviors and societal phenomena.

I’m planning on applying for a master’s degree focusing on new religious movements in the coming year and will continue to explore the impact of the study of religion in terms of improving understanding and cultural competence.

Li Yu Alumni of BARS


Graduate Year 2020

BA in Religious Studies programme provides many opportunities for experiential learning. I have set foot in India and the United Arab Emirates, which have deepened my understanding of Hinduism and Islam. “To see is to believe”— this kind of learning experience inspired me to go to Germany to investigate the issues regarding Christianity and refugees in next year.

CHIU Cheuk Fan Alumni of BARS

CHIU Cheuk Fan

Graduate Year 2020

The Discipline of Religious Studies has not only succeeded in shaping us to be global citizens with an international perspective, but also encouraged us to promote interfaith exchanges through academic studies and even to contribute global peace. Firstly, our highly interdisciplinary curriculum facilitates us to use different angles to overview and analyze world religions. Secondly, in an atmosphere of promoting inter-religious exchanges, our mindsets are reshaped and also, we attempt to reduce prejudice by what we have learned. As such, we bring new perspectives for religious inclusion and dialogue.


This year, thanks to the endeavor of our teachers and students, “Theology and Religious Studies” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong was ranked at 23rd in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019! This internationally recognition acknowledges and supports our continuing efforts in academic research.


Religious Studies is a place for students to pursue their mission, and it is also a learning center for global citizenship. To this day, Religious Studies is still my first choice.

Cherrie Alumni of BARS

Cherrie FUNG

Graduate Year 2017

The programme offers me valuable trainings in terms of critical thinking, independent research skills, as well as cross-cultural understanding, empathy and tolerance.

Chang Ka Fai Alumni of BARS


Graduate Year 2015

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it."


This saying comes from Mahatma Gandhi, an India's spiritual leader. It reminds me not to miss doing any good thing no matter how insignificant it looks, and it is also the greatest insight that “Religious Studies” has given to me. Although the number of students in the Department is not large, the teaching faculty and staff provide sufficient support to the students, and they are full of kindness. The 3-year Religious Studies Program is still unforgettable.