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Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies - FAQs



What is cultural studies as an academic programme of study?

Cultural studies is an academic field that studies all subjects related to culture. In CUHK, cultural studies programme offers courses that allow students to understand at least four areas of cultural studies. Students will learn how culture works in everyday lives. Students also learn how culture works through media representation. We also teach how culture works in organization and industry. Our programme offers internship and practicum courses to teach how culture works in the real world and in professional setting.


The uniqueness of Cultural Studies programme is focusing on contemporary culture. Through close readings of various texts, including films, literature, theatrical performances, popular music, advertisements, space and the Internet, we analyse a diverse range of issues and topics that are related to contemporary culture. We also focus on Film and Screen Studies, students can learn about Hong Kong and Global film culture from a wide range of courses.


What are the career paths after completing BA in Cultural Studies Programme?

BA in Cultural Studies have wide range of career paths, including:

- Theater

- Media: editors, reporters

- Film and art institutions

- Social Welfare Organization


- Government

- University administrative work

- Human Resources

- Education

- Postgraduate Degree

- Commercial institutions


Are there any Internship arrangements for BA in Cultural Studies students?

This course provides various local internship opportunities from May to August, such as NGOs, media organizations, parliamentarian offices, art organizations, theater troupes, etc.


What are the directions for further studies after completing BA in Cultural Studies?

Department of Cultural and Religious Studies provides postgraduate courses below:


Does BA in Cultural Studies Programme provide any exchange programme?

BA in Cultural Studies Programme provide overseas exchange programme. Students can apply for the exchange programme of Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University for one semester.